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SDN Cert Landscape Remains More Unchanged Than I'd Hoped

In the wake of last week's news about the Open Networking Foundations two upcoming SDN credentials, I decided to revisit the overall landscape for Software Defined Networking certifications, and was both surprised and a little frustrated to find that things haven't changed much in this neck of the certification woods. Read on for a quick listing of what's out there, and what's coming.

As I mentioned in last week's blog post right here "ONF Takes Next Steps Toward SDN Certs: Timetable Announced" you'll finally see the SDN Engineer and Associate level credentials from that organization go live in October of 2015. This prompted me to revisit the other features of the certification landscape with an SDN component to find out if anything has changed since early this year, the last time I conducted such a survey (see my GoCertify story "SDN Certifications: Still More Talk Than Action" for more details).

Software-defined networking promises to be a real game changer, so certs aplenty are a-comin!
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Alas, I can't find anything different except for a few minor details as I explain in the list that follows:

1. Brocade NVF (Network Functions Virtualization) Certification: cert still there, course apparently still free

2. Because HP has apparently taken down its SDN cert page, I had to viist their ExpertOne Certs page, then search on Networking to find the SDN stuff to find nothing new for technical folks, beyond the ASE FlexNetwork Architect V2 and the ASE SDN Application Developer V1 you'll find there.

3. No changes to the offerings from SDN Academy, either: still the same essentials, developers, and early deployments and use case classes, plus two bootcamps.

4. There are now four specialist certs in Cisco's Network Programmability track now that "Developer Specialist" is partially available (second exam is due in Q4'15):

5. VMware has now fully fleshed out its Network Virtualization track for Version 5, with some updates for Version 6 also available. See them all on their cert roadmap page, where you'll find all of v5 and half of v6 populated:

VCDX-NV (Solution Design Architecture, v5)
VCIX-NV (Implementation, v5)
VCP-NV (Administration, v5)
VCA-NV (Business IT, v5)
VCP6-NV (Administration, v6)
VCA6-NV (Business IT, v6)

6. I double-checked some other "usual suspects" for SDN certs, including Juniper (nothing yet, but ongoing conversations about SDN training continues, so certs shouldn't be too far behind), Avaya (I found mention of a promised cert from March 30 called the ACE-Fx, but no further evidence of completion or availability), Alcatel Lucent (their Service Routing Certification program doesn't yet appear to include SDN coverage, as evinced by the outline in this study guide, though they do have an SDN Solutions page). I can't find anything new cert-wise either though "stuff" still appears forthcoming from one or more of these players.

That's about it right now, as far as I can tell. If you know of anything I've missed, please post a comment here or e-mail me (through my contact form, should you need it). I'm always glad to add coverage and information I've somehow missed. Thanks!