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Since my last blog posted about a week ago, more cloud stuff has been popping up all over the place. Yesterday (January 17, 2012) Microsoft announced its first real cloud credential--a "private cloud" MCITP, with more to follow later this year. And thanks to a Smart Cloud e-book I'm doing for IBM and ...For Dummies press, I'm learning a LOT more about their offerings, too.

The new Microsoft credential is called Private Cloud Certification, and it's part of the Microsoft Certified IT Professional (MCITP) program. Two of its five exams hinge on System Center 2012, which is not yet available but scheduled to ship some time in Q1 2012. These are exams 70-247: Private Cloud Configuration and Deployment with System Center 2012, and 70-246: Private Cloud Monitoring and Operations with System Center 2012.

Microsoft's first "real" cloud cert takes the stage!

The other three exams in this credential deal with Windows Server 2008, and have been available for some time now. They include:

  • 70-640: Windows Server Active Directory, Configuring
  • 70-642: Windows Server Network Infrastructure, Configuring
  • 70-643: Windows Server 2008 Application Infrastructure, Configuring

The offering itself is documented and described on the Private Cloud Certification page at Microsoft Learning online. This represents Microsoft's first real cloud certification (a cert with the "C-word" in its title, with explicit cloud content included). I expect more from the company in this same vein this year.

The IBM program is also gaining some legs. The company's "Cloud Computing" cert page currently lists only the IBM Certified Solution Advisor - Cloud Computing Architecture V2 (just updated in October 2011) and the IBM Certified Solution Architect - Cloud computing Infrastructure V1 . The former is a more junior credential that indicates its holders are familiar with IBM's cloud offerings and able to help would-be adopters select appropriate options and software components. The latter is more senior, and adds design, implementation, and maintenance skills and knowledge to the advisor-level credential it succeeds. I also expect more offerings from IBM in the cloud arena as well.

And then, it's important to recognize that the cloud is really starting to take up a major role in IT infrastructures everywhere. That means you can count on hearing from me again soon about more new cloud-related IT certifications as they become available.